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Podcast launched by AgeSpace

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Age Space has launched a new podcast that shares advice on the care of older people. The podcast is a conversation with the founder of Age Space, Annabel James, and various experts on topics such as benefits, making wills, powers of attorney, inheritance, funding care, organising finances and more. Current podcasts include: 

  • Benefits - find out more about State Benefits and key pots of funding which you or your loved one could be entitled too. Covering carers allowance, attendance allowance and links to useful information and advice - this is a useful listen if you're not sure about what you or your loved one could be entitled to. Find out more and listen. 
  • Funding care  - find out more about funding care and listen to discussions that includes key questions to ask your loved ones when making plans, where to find financial advice and more. Find out more and listen
  • Financial organisation - in this podcast listen to the hosts discussing how to organise a loved ones paper filling, what to bin, what to keep and how to store your documents (physically and digitally). Find out more and listen
There are currently eight episodes available to listen to with more being added over the coming weeks. Find out more on the Age Space website

Do you listen to a podcast that you find useful? Share your top podcasts in the comments below. 

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