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Older drivers - is there an age limit to driving?

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There is no age limit to driving. However, when you turn 70 your licence will expire, but it can be renewed and has to be renewed every three years (it's free to renew your licence).

Find out how to renew a driving licence on the DVLA website. 

Is your loved one fit to drive?
The DVLA and/or your loved one's GP will be able to advise whether or not they're fit to drive. If your loved one has developed a medical condition or disability, it's important they tell the DVLA to get advice about whether they can still drive. It's a legal obligation to declare certain conditions to the DVLA, so make sure you speak to your loved one and they're aware of this. 

Concerned about your loved one's driving? It's possible to get a driving assessment with a qualified driving instructor who will help to identify any problems your loved one might have and ensure they're kept up to date with current laws. This doesn't assess whether they're fit to drive but examiners are able to give an honest opinion about the strengths and weaknesses of driving. The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents offers these through their website, and they cost £55. Find out more

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