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Getting active in your community (Scotland)

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As we get older, it can be hard to get out and about and stay active as much as we’d like. However, there are lots of benefits of staying active in older age; it’s good for your mental and physical health, can help you stay energetic and independent and is a great opportunity to meet new people. 

Did you know there’s a range of support in the community that can help you or your loved one be or stay active? We’re sure there’s something to suit yours or your loved one's interests. Take a look at just some of the options available:  

Age UK  
Find your local Age UK branch and see what activities they might have available. From walking cricket to chair-based exercises and nostalgic ballroom dancing to gardening activities, there’s a whole range of activities on offer.  

ALISS stands for A Local Information System for Scotland and it aims to increase the availability of health and wellbeing information for people living with long term conditions, disabled people and unpaid carers. The database is searchable by location and activity type, including exercise groups, Nordic walking, boxercise and much more.  

Chest, Heart & Stroke Scotland  
Chest, Heart and Stroke run a range of activities from exercise groups to information sharing activities to social clubs. Some groups meet once a week, whereas others meet once a month – all groups help provide support, information, and friendship in an informal and supportive setting. Groups are open to Chest, Heart and Stroke members, partners and their family and friends.  

Paths for All Health Walks  
Across Scotland, Paths for All organise short, accessible, volunteer-led health walks in communities for anyone who wants to lead a more active lifestyle.  Walks are less than one hour, are led by a trained volunteer and start with a warmup before setting off. Search their online directory to find out about walking groups near you. A great way to get active, enjoy the outdoors and meet new people! 

Find out more on the Paths for All website.

Walking football 
Walking football aims to get people playing the sport to promote physical exercise, inspire activity and improve physical and mental wellbeing while playing a competitive and fun sport. The groups tend to be focused at people aged 50 or over and some groups are for people aged 60 or over.  

Find out more on the Walking Football website

Walking netball
If you or your loved one is a netball fan but doesn't feel able to play, is unsure of the rules or doesn't feel they can keep up, why not try walking netball? There are now walking netball groups in 17 local authorities across Scotland with groups open to all ages (an 80 year old lady recently joined the team in Glasgow Springburn!). 

Find out more on the Netball Scotland website


If you’re not sure how much exercise you or your loved one should be doing, remember to have a discussion with your GP, they might also be able to point you in the direction of local support groups. The NHS has created a useful guideline which can also help to give you an idea of how much physical activity older adults should aim to do to keep healthy.   

If you're using YooToo, add a to-do list task to remind you to explore some of the above options and if you or your loved one decides to take something forward, remember to add it into the calendar too so everyone knows what is happening when!

Do you have any other suggestions? Get in touch by commenting below or sharing ideas on our social media channels. 

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